Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Everyone wants to be happy in life. And every person to do many things to be happy. Among the pursuit of wealth and good career. Nominally rich think if it would have been happy. Not likely but because it is a cause rather than effect. There's nothing wrong with wealth, but to be rich to be happy first. So almost all the inhabitants of the earth are the ones who suffer have no right to be happy because it is not rich.

So, be happy for no reason. Happy so happy because happiness is a decision. So now decide that you people are happy. Then you will be someone who is full of passion and energy, so it becomes more produktiv.

Happiness that we have will attract more happiness and will provide convenience in our lives. So let's be happy even without a reason. Because happiness is a device that we carry luggage since we were born into this Earth. Are you happy now?

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