Friday, July 27, 2012

10 kinds of negative thoughts that must be lifted from your mind

Negative thinking is a disturbing thought, images or ideas that are bad but haunting, is troublesome, and difficult to manage so that we do not feel free.Thoughts that interfere with the general form of thought conscience and give suggestions and images that are suspected, accused, blasphemy, judging and sentencing.Many people experience this in mind, and can be associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder / OCD (disorder in the form of irrational thinking and suspicious) or feeling sad. This thought can paralyze, which provoked concern and are settled.

Conversation with yourselfWhen you're alone in your room, you try to occasionally look at your shadow in the mirror, and ask him to speak. Conversation with yourself is not a rarity especially madness, but it is an effective way to improve yourself.Start by digging the negative thoughts that is in you. Then the object experiences to discuss it with you. Pointed out the negative thoughts that must be repaired and find ways to cope.The first stage, you must forgive yourself for having negative thoughts. Open acceptance and acknowledgment of its existence within you is an early stage that makes it easy to remove.The second stage, you have to admit that the negative thoughts were really bad. Not only the poor in the form and nature, but also bad in the resulting impact, both to yourself and others around.The third stage, you must have the courage to correct and replace them with positive thoughts that are building and repair - usually the opposite with negative thoughts.
10 kinds of negative thoughts that must be lifted from your mind

1. Black and white thinkingThinking in black and white is easy but dangerous, because thinking in black and white can make a person arrogant or otherwise make it easy to despair.The definition of black-white thinking is thinking of putting limits are narrow measures. This kind of thinking does not contain the value of tolerance, compassion and ease. A judge in charge of enforcing the law in court should not even think in black and white. Considerations of justice has always been on the gray areas that have a broader and not limited.Examples of people who think black and white are the people who choose not to do anything from the wrong, or someone who will not marry forever if not able to get her idol, for example. There are also people who are sentenced to a maximum error. When he cheated once by someone else, then he does not trust him completely.

2. Excessive MenjeneralisasiThinking General of meaningful look at small things or the parts and take it as a whole.Commonly used words, "always" and "never"Way of thinking with menjeneralisasi make it easy to blame people, take them for granted, but also can improve excessive. For example, when a husband finds his wife in one day late making breakfast compared to other days, but then he's easily said that she "always" late breakfast, or "never" just in time to prepare breakfast.So also with racial ideas, such as the "tribe" is like this and "nation" is so is also thought menjeneralisasi. Dissension and hostility between groups is usually sourced from negative thoughts menjeneralisasi.

3. Negative things beat the positiveYou pick a section that specifically negatively and thought and depth, while the positive part forgotten.For example, when you receive many positive comments about your work from colleagues in the office, then you feel so happy and terlambung. But when there is a criticism of one of the partners that reach the ear, you then became depressed and thought about it for days and you find it to be imperfect. And you forget the positive things that you hear.

4. Discounts for the positiveYou reject positive experiences and emphatically not menanggapnya. Usually people who think negatively like this are not easy to praise and to underestimate the kindness of others.If you see someone else doing a good job, you say to yourself that it's a normal thing and anyone could do such a thing. Cut the positive meaning of a good deed will make you the person who is not happy, because it always felt inadequate and grateful.

5. Too quickly to conclusionsYou interpret things negatively when there are no facts that support your conclusion. Your thoughts arbitrarily, without a deep investigation, concluding that someone is doing a negative effect on you.People with this easy to predict something will cause serious harm. For example, when someone is facing a test and was not ready, then he thinks that this test would fail and will not pass. Though he did not know the questions to be answered.

6. Thought hyperbole or exaggerationYou exaggerate the importance of the problems and weaknesses, or you updates with the importance of quality desired.The situation is not balanced in the thought of forgetting can also result in other sides should get equal attention. Pobia psychiatric illness in the form of something included in this type.

7. The Emotional ReasoningYou assume that your negative emotions necessarily reflect what will actually happen.For example, when you're up the plane and you feel your heart is not good, then your heart says, "I feel the fear in this aircraft. This would indicate that it is very dangerous to fly now." Or thoughts like, "I feel guilty that I was evil," or, "I feel angry. It is proved that I was treated unfairly."Emotional reasoning is not necessarily true when in reality, the facts and the evidence does not lead to it. When a sense of fear in an aircraft, it does not mean that you are riding in an airplane will actually have an accident, you may indeed suffer from pobia right height.

8. Impose a conditionThe use of the word "should", "should" in the hope of something to be as you expect, can result in despair and frustration.When your child is practicing a musical instrument diligently, for example, and you watch it turns out he was doing a lot of mistakes. You told him, "You should not make many mistakes with the practice that had lasted many months of this." And in the days before your child is a little exercise once made a mistake, just when you come to watch him being nervous, and you are issued comments that could make it frustrating.9. Negative labels that judgeNegative labels in the form of a title or a nickname for a bad deed is a most extreme negative thoughts.When someone makes a mistake such as he spilled food at the party, and some people call it, "Basic losers", then the label was attached to it for ever. Then he had become a prisoner in the prison that label. He will be difficult to show kindness, because it is not noticed by others, while he was hard to hide its ugliness because it is always sought after by others.Labeling such as "the awkward", "criminal brain", and others will only make the person who labeled it really became frustrated and could not remedy the situation, and worse off in its ugliness.

10. Personal blame or certain partsThe definition of personal blame is laid on an error that caused a bad situation to one person only, but there are other personnel who may have contributed to the error.Just blame yourself or blame someone else, fall into this category. As an example of a mother who received the news of the school that their child gets a bad score in a lesson. The mother, regardless of the cause-musababnya, directly blaming her, or he will blame himself and considers himself not a good parent, or he will blame the teacher or the school system.Personally blame will only result in anger and despair on the part of the fault and negligence of the party to blame, because they do not realize the mistake myself. What's worse is blaming the state because it would not have thought to look for a solution when all the blame circumstances or conditions that are passive and can not do anything about it.

All you need to get our attention first is the adverse response of the negative thoughts. You do this by slowly lowering the negative thoughts in your mind. Able to pray to God for the good of people who think negatively by you or you look to yourself that you were probably going to be in position.But if it is found difficult to neutralize the impact of your mind, then you should immediately replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts - the direct opposite of those negative thoughts.Remember that negative thoughts long kept inside you, it becomes increasingly difficult to be neutralized or replaced with more positive thoughts when you get old

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Meditasi for Healty

In the midst of a career in business and sometimes we feel the fatigue that is very high in our heads. Thus leading us susceptible to stress and an impact on performance, and of course greatly affects our physical and spiritual health.

Life was very boring and our creativity in solving problems instantly disappear and be your own problems. And a moment of relaxation will be very beneficial. And of course you must invest a little of your time for relaxation of mind.

Look for a quiet place where no one will bother you. Sit cross-legged bring together the palms of your hands. Close your eyes and feel the blast of breath steadily. Observe the breath and observe my thoughts passing in your mind. Observe course, be as an observer. Do not be tempted to judge and dissolve in mind. And now you feel it would be neutral on what happened to you. Do it with a smile. Good luck.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Everyone wants to be happy in life. And every person to do many things to be happy. Among the pursuit of wealth and good career. Nominally rich think if it would have been happy. Not likely but because it is a cause rather than effect. There's nothing wrong with wealth, but to be rich to be happy first. So almost all the inhabitants of the earth are the ones who suffer have no right to be happy because it is not rich.

So, be happy for no reason. Happy so happy because happiness is a decision. So now decide that you people are happy. Then you will be someone who is full of passion and energy, so it becomes more produktiv.

Happiness that we have will attract more happiness and will provide convenience in our lives. So let's be happy even without a reason. Because happiness is a device that we carry luggage since we were born into this Earth. Are you happy now?